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Deco-Plex Dust Free Lightening Powder - 500gm

Rs 10,450.00

Call Hotline # +94770029880/1 for orders

Jeval Deco-Plex dust free lightening powder can lighten up to 9 levels whilst protecting
the hair fibre thanks to bond reinforcing properties. Contains Oligosaccharides ß-D-Fructose and Maltose, promoting incredible lift action and minimising hair breakage.

- Up to 9 levels of lift
- Bond reinforcing technology
- Great for free hand and other lightening techniques
- Minimises hair breakage
- Improved hair health and shine

Mixing ratio 1:2 with Jeval Oxi Creme Developer
10Vol/3%, 20Vol/6%, 30Vol/9% or 40Vol/12%