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All-in-one Charcoal leave-in Cream Mask - 200ml

Rs 4,500.00

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HQ Mask: An all-in-one CHARCOAL leave-in Cream Mask

The activated charcoal will Strengthen damaged, weak & broken hair caused by chemical damage, heat, sun humidity and hot ironing and curling tools. This leave-in mask will leave the hair shiny, smoothen the cuticle, adding shine and eliminates frizz. It also soothes irritated scalps and stimulates the hair follicle which will in turn improve hair growth.


Apply to clean towel dried damp hair, massage through the hair and scalp, DO NOT RINSE out, style as desired.

Available in 200ml

1. It nourishes dry and damaged hair
2. It controls frizz
3. It protects the hair from heat damage
4. It adds volume and body
5. It detangles the hair for easy combing
6. It prevents split ends
7. It makes the hair silky and smooth to the touch
8. It allows hair styling to last longer
9. It adds shine to the hair
10. It gives hair a pleasant scent
11. It gives hair and scalp the benefits of activated charcoal
12. The size is 200ml - more generous than comparable products in the market!