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Hydro 2 Oil Grip N’ Glide Massage Gel – Unscented - 700ml

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Exclusively blended for Professional Massage Therapists, Hydro 2 Oil Grip n’ Glide Massage Gel offers superior control and cleanliness when performing massage treatments. The versatility of this gel makes it ideal for facials as well as relaxation massage, with the smallest amount allowing quick warm up with gliding strokes. Fast absorption into the skin assists in providing more grip for use in remedial and deep tissue work. This textured gel will not spill like oil and is 100% water dispersible, ensuring it will not stain clothing or towels and makes re-taping easier post-treatment.

Available in: 700ml


Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are documents that provide information about the properties of substances.

Safety Data Sheet for Massage Gel - Unscented