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Jeval Dark Art Charcoal Bleach Powder 500g

Rs 13,500.00

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Jeval Charcoal Bleach Powder – The pigments from the natural black powder assist with the lightening process, using absorbing properties to neutralise warmth. Create perfect clean, cool tones and maintain the integrity of the hair.
Kaolin – This versatile, mild and gentle white clay doesn’t swell and allows expert control with any free hand bleaching techniques.
Mineral oil – The added mineral oil helps retain hair moisture during the bleaching process, reducing tangling and acting as a lubricant to prevent breakage.
Hydrolyzed silk – Like no other protein hydrolyzed silk protects the cuticle and boosts hair strength, preventing damage and breakage. It has excellent moisture and binding properties.


How to use:

In a non-metallic bowl, mix 1 part of Jeval Charcoal Bleach Powder with 2 parts of: 10 Vol(3%) – 20 Vol6%) – 30 Vol (9%) or 40 Vol (12%) cream peroxide.
Use 40 Vol(12%) developer for maximum lifting power. choose the peroxide according to the level of left you want to achieve. whilst also considering hair condition and structure.
Mix using a brush or spatula until you obtain a smooth cream.
Apply the mix immediately to dry, unwashed hair.
Dark Art Charcoal Bleach ensures +6/7 levels of lift in 45 minutes and up to +9 levels in 90 minutes at room temperature.
For complete colour removal (10 Levels of Lift), apply the emulsion and process for 90 minutes, then remove the emulsion completely from the hair (do not wash it). Apply new fresh emulsion and process for another 20 minutes.