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Jeval Don’t Go Changing Colour Care Conditioner 1 Litre

Rs 13,150.00

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You know the look. There's a girl with shiny, lustrous locks, infusing everyone around her with envy. She's always the talk of the town and it doesn't come from just a good diet or fitness routine; It comes from all that exquisite hair Colour creating an aura of unmatchable cheerfulness! Her name? Jeval Colour Care Conditioner! That’s right, keep your fabulous hue lasting for as long as you can with this fabulous new conditioner. What makes this product so great is its ability to seal and prolong Colour life!


  • Seals the hair locking the Colour in
  • Prolongs the life of the Colour
  • Protects the hair from styling heat, preventing premature fading
  • Soothes the hairs cuticle from frizz
  • Delivers illuminating shine


  • Sunflower Seed Extract - natural anti-oxidants, stabilizes the Colour and creates longevity
  • Argan Oil - strengthens and restores natural shine to hair
  • UV Filters - protects cosmetic Colour from early fading