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Lisap Milano Top Care Repair Elizir Professional Set

Rs 10,290.00 Rs 17,150.00

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The Elixir hair set is suitable for tired and damaged hair and for all types of hair, especially suitable for brittle hair and damaged by chemical treatments and others, rich in argan oil and ceramides to deeply nourish hair, working to give you a deeper and more shiny color, it works on treating the hair fiber from the roots to the ends and gives you texture Silky and vibrant look.


  • Rich in argan oil and ceramides
  • Nourishes and conditions hair from root to tip
  • Suitable for all hair types especially damaged and tired hair
  • Set contains:
  • Repairing shampoo for dry and damaged hair - 1000 ml
  • Repairing Mask For Dry And Damaged Hair - 500 ml
  • Elixir Repair Oil For Dry And Damaged Hair - 150 ML