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Jeval Moisture Ever After Hydrating Conditioner 1 Litre

Rs 12,400.00

Call Hotline # +94770029880/1 for orders

Curious to find out how moist your hair can get after one shower? Try Jeval Moisture Ever After Hydrating Conditioner. The sleek, smooth formula will make you feel like you're a princess all day every day! 


  • Nourishes and optimisms moisture levels
  • Anti-ageing properties to restore youthfulness
  • Soothes and softens the hair
  • Increases manageability


  • Chia Seed Oil - rich in antioxidants to provide anti-aging properties to your hair, while supplying essential vitamins and minerals
  • UV Filters - protects your hair from the harsh damaging and dehydrating sun rays
  • Amla Oil - strengthens and leaves hair feeling full bodied with luminous shine