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Omniplex Salon Kit

Rs 56,975.00

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BOND MAKER NO.1 500ML /100 ML: Bond maker builds and enforces strong structural bonds. Protects the hair from breakage, helps prevent damage that can be caused by chemical services. It does not interfere with any chemical services. No adjustment to the processing or application times.

BOND REINFORCER NO.2 500ML/100ML: Bond Reinforcer is applied to the hair after the chemical service is complete and washed out of the hair. Bond Reinforcer stabilises the bond, seals the cuticle, nourishes the hair & protects the longevity of the service.

MIRACLE AT HOME NO.3 150ML: Miracle at Home is a luxurious, velvety cream treatment for home use. It is easy to apply and combs through effortlessly leaving the hair silky soft. Miracle at home reactivates the molecular complex of the in-salon Professional Omniplex treatment in only 5 minutes, in the comfort of your own home.