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HQ Pro-Liss Maintenance Leave-In 250ml

Rs 7,500.00

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Formulation developed with exclusive affinity technology between Sericin and Hair Keratin, this affinity will promote the sealing of damaged cuticles leading to protection of the hair fibre, softness and intense shine.

Cationic Polymers, Collagen, Cysteine and Sericin

The formula was developed with the sericin collagen complex, highly regenerating compounds. It protects the hair and facilitates brushing the strands. It protects from the daily aggressions and with an efficient thermic protection, creating a film around the strand preventing the release of nutrients, therefore avoiding the evaporation of amino acids. Maintenance Leave-In Pro-Liss strengthens the surfasse of the hair promoting anti-frizz action.

HQ PRO Organic Luxe Maintenance Hair Repair Masque
To finalize the service, HQ PRO Organic Luxe Maintenance Hair Repair Masque is indispensable to pH stabilization; its action provides nutrition and improves hair elasticity, providing a lot of shine to the hair.

How to use: After rinsing the hair, apply the product throughout the hair length spreading it using a comb. Leave on for 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Finalize as desired.