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HQ Pro-Liss Maintenance Shampoo 300ml

Rs 7,500.00

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Formulation free of Sulphate and Parabens, with exclusive balanced pH that will act on the hair fibre promoting gentle cleaning while nourishing, conditioning and increasing the resistance of the hair strands.

Cationic Polymers, Collagen, Cysteine and Sericin

Maintenance Shampoo Pro-Liss is a formula developed with Sericin complex collagen, highly regenerative compounds. It gently cleanses the strands, regenerating and reorganizing the cuticles while maintaining natural moisture. It decreases the static load of the hair while providing frizz control, making the hair soft and disciplined. It is suitable for all hair types.

How to use: With damp hair, apply a generous amount of the product and massage well into scalp and till the hair end. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the application if necessary