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HQ Pro-Liss Step 1 – Pre-Treatment Shampoo 1ltr

Rs 13,500.00

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The Pro-Liss Step 1 – Pre-Treatment Shampoo is a preparing solution formulated with alkaline pH for better cuticle opening. It promotes deep cleaning of the hair, preparing it to receive further processing.

Collagen, Cysteine and Sericin

HQ PRO Professional Shampoo Pro-Liss
A formula developed with Sericin Collagen, containing highly regenerative compounds. Pro- Liss Professional Shampoo optimizes internal hair structure, eliminating impurities that prohibit restructuring and hair fiber alignment agents from acting. It is indicated for all hair types. For professional use only.

How to use: On damp hair, apply the product throughout hair length and gently massage. Rinse and repeat the application, letting it set if necessary.